Great Turnout for January 2020 MDTC Meeting

About 50 people, including Rep. Seth Moulton’s mom, joined us to hear member Frank Kashner’s talk, “unchaining Our Democracy,” a deep dive into how the Koch Network is undermining our democracy. We also heard from Jamie Belsito, candidate for Congress, and Keith Sonia, Regional Field Director for Joe Kennedy III, Senate candidate. It was anContinue reading “Great Turnout for January 2020 MDTC Meeting”

Marblehead High School Dems Are In Good Company

The 17 Members of the Marblehead High School Dems are in good company. Among their recent activities… -Voter registration  -Putting together a Youth Activism Guide -Running a civic engagement forum to get more kids politically involved The MDTC has put aside $500 in the treasury to support them. AND THEY ARE NOT ALONE.

Ranked Choice Voting Coming to MA Soon?

In 2017 the Marblehead Democratic Town Committee endorsed Ranked Choice Voting. The ballot initiative was filed with the office of Attorney General Maura Healey (D) on August 7, 2019.[1] The initiative was cleared to circulate on September 4, 2019.[13] The sponsors of the initiative reported submitting 130,000 signatures to local registrars on November 20, 2019.[14][15] The sponsorsContinue reading “Ranked Choice Voting Coming to MA Soon?”

Getting Unsolicited Political Text Messages?

Texting is personal, right? When I get a text ping on my cellphone I react like one of Pavlov’s dog. You know, those canines that salivated whenever he rang a bell to feed them. Pretty soon, just ringing a bell made the dogs salivate. For me, a text ping is like that bell. It grabs my attention.Continue reading “Getting Unsolicited Political Text Messages?”