Special Elections: Here’s a recap of Democrats’ two flips in the Massachusetts Senate from Tuesday: MA-SD-2nd Hampden and Hampshire: Democrat John Velis cruised to victory over Republican John Cain 64-36 to flip this seat and break up 25 years of Republican control in this district. Velis’ win was large even for a district that leans Democratic at the presidential level: The Democrat ran 18 points ahead of Hillary Clinton’s 52-41 win and 9 points ahead of Barack Obama’s 59-39 win.

MA-SD-Plymouth and Barnstable: Democrat Susan Moran defeated Republican Jay McMahon 55-45 to flip this seat for her party. Similar to Velis, Moran’s win comes in a seat that, while leaning blue in federal contests, has been much friendlier to Team Red downballot. Also like Velis, she overperformed past presidential results in this district, albeit by smaller margins: Moran ran 4 points better than Clinton’s 50-44 win here and 8 points better than Obama’s 50-48 victory.

The chamber moves back to full strength with Democrats holding a dominating 36-4 edge, and Massachusetts Republicans are facing the prospect of their share of seats dwindling further in the fall. Politico’s Stephanie Murray writes that, of the four remaining GOP-held seats, two (Plymouth and Norfolk and Worcester and Middlesex) are being seriously contested by Democrats, and both were won by Clinton and Obama.

Still, the GOP does have the chance to gain some turf. Democratic state Sen. Anne Gobi is running for re-election in a seat that Trump carried 51-41, though she decisively won in both 2016 and 2018.

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