MDTC Zoom Meeting April 7 to Elect Officers

This notice and a Zoom invitation to the meeting are only for Regular and Lifetime MDTC Members eligible to vote.

Dear MDTC,
I hope you are well and staying safe. As you know on the March agenda, besides our speaker Adam Eichen, was the election of officers. While we will try to reschedule Adam for another date, the election is mandatory and there are no plans to change the MA law, which states that our elections of officers must occur before April 12. 

Using Zoom, I met “virtually” with our Executive Team on March 31. We agreed that we would hold a Zoom meeting next Tuesday, April 7, at 7 PM. We wanted to give you advance notice then we are into Passover and Easter, so there were not many options for days. Nevertheless, since everyone’s schedules are pretty free right now, hopefully the date won’t be a problem.

Only Regular and Lifetime Members eligible to vote are receiving this notice and Zoom invitation. As for the election, I will be serving as your temporary Chair, while we elect a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. Everyone is invited to run for every position. Your energy, commitment and talent could make a difference in a leadership role and offer a new perspective. If you have any questions about the duties, responsibilities of any position, feel free to contact me, but it is not required to do so before the election.

The rules are you may nominate yourself or have someone nominate you. Every nominee will have an opportunity to address the Committee before the vote is taken. 

In addition to our election, the Program, Scholarship and Picnic Chairs will give an update as to how we will proceed, given the uncertainty of extended social distancing. Also, there is a new Sub-Committee headed by Owen Mathieu, which will be focusing on issues, legislation, and advocacy, which are of special interest to the Committee and where we can have an impact.

As you know our secretary Jane Casler did a great job setting up our website, but now we need to use it and what better time to drive traffic toward the site than now. We need truth in the time of Trump, good info in the time of disinformation. If you come across a great column, report or podcast send it to Jane and she can post it to FB or share on the website. Show your appreciation to Jane by pitching in to keep content fresh, smart &  interesting. Forward your content ideas to

Many thanks also to Lee Mondale, who has contributed so much in her role as Vice Chair, but has decided not to run for Office again.

Taking this next step into Zoom meetings will be harder for some than others. I know this will definitely be a learning experience for me and I will appreciate your patience. It’s not easy, I get it,  but we have to try, because we are just 7 months away from the election of our lifetime. We are at war, not just with coronavirus but with an Administration, whose actions will cost many lives. For 3 years, since Nov. 2016  we have been saying, “Can it get any worse? Now, it is as “worse” as it gets and about to get more so. We don’t have a candidate yet, we don’t know how we will organize, get our message out or when this national emergency will end. Everything, everywhere, even life seems uncertain, but that is exactly why we need to make a special effort to find ways to keep moving toward and stay connected even in the time of distancing – SO LET’S DO THIS TOGETHER!
Renee Keaney, MDTC Chair

If you are a Regular or Lifetime MDTC member and you did not receive the Zoom invitation, contact

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