Member Testimonials

”MDTC membership has really inspired me. I am much more politically aware and active than ever before. It’s great to be with other concerned Democrats who “walk the walk.”

Jane Casler

“I take responsibility for global warming. I believe compassion and empathy work better than aggression. I believe truth and justice keeps democracy running. And that is why I am a member of the Marblehead Democratic Town Committee and the Democratic Party of the United States of America.”

Steven Levy

When I first moved to town in 1968, the Rs outnumbered the Ds. Republicans had represented the 6th Congressional District since 1877 with one 4-year interlude. I resolved to at least represent my deep support for the values of the Democratic party: justice for all, equity, and concerns for the general welfare. When the incumbent died inContinue reading “Lynn Nadeau”

Lynn Nadeau

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