The MDTC Edwin L. Goldberg and Selma L. Goldberg Scholarship

Each year the MDTC presents a scholarship to one or more members of the Marblehead High School graduating class who are interested in government. The MDTC would like to acknowledge the special donations made by Nancy Steinberg, in loving memory of her mother, Selma L. Goldberg, and by Edwin L. Goldberg’s family.

May 21, 2020 (39th year)

Scholarship Awardees ($1,500 each)

Lydia Hurley

As the current Chair of the Marblehead High School Democrats, Lydia has led the group in election support, fundraising, educational outreach and political activism.During this important election year, she has led the club in creating a holiday sustainability guide, an online Youth Activism Guide (that highlights key issues like gun control and climate change), and organizing an educational forum about the importance of civic engagement. Lydia is an accomplished athlete, serving as the Captain for both the MHS Field Hockey and Indoor Track & Field teams. An outstanding student with a passion for writing, Lydia isinspired by journalists who can uncover and provide facts on current issues to citizens around the world. Lydia will beattending the Merrill College of Journalism at the University of Maryland to pursue a double major in Politics & Government and Journalism and plans to pursue a career in political journalism.

Michael Martelli

After the 2016 election, Michael was moved to get involved in politics. Since attending his first meeting of the Marblehead High School Democrats club in 2017, he has been very active. In addition to being the Club’s current Secretary, Michael’s activities include participating in and organizing phone banks and door knocking events for candidates, including Congressman Moulton and Senator Markey. I’m sure you have seen Michael at our meetings, but what you may not know is that he is an outstanding student and an accomplished musician. The awards he has won, the instruments he plays, and the bands and orchestras in which he is a member are too numerous to mention. It’s clear from his resume that music is his passion, and he shares that passion with younger students as Assistant to the Middle School Jazz Band. Michael will be attending the Berklee College of Music and, in his words, “continue being an activist who works with an ever-expanding range of people to make change”. 

Lily Morgan

Throughout high school, Lily has been politically active. A member of the Marblehead High School Democrats, she helped raise money for local organizations, collectsignatures to add ballot questions, and make calls and write letters to constituents to garner support for candidates. Outside of Marblehead’s High School Democrats, Lily was a Young Leader for Elizabeth Warren, helping to canvass and phone bank and also she was a member of a research team for Congressman Moulton, working to discover which issues are most important to his constituents. In addition to her political activism, Lily is the News Editor of Headlight Newspaper, an accomplished actor, and an outstanding student. She will be attending Northeastern University honors college to study behavioral neuroscience. Her long-term goals include a career in scientific research and staying involved in local and national politics in order to advocate for issues important to her. 

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