Trump & COVID-19

Donald Trump continues to claim that mandating masks and social distancing is an affront to our Constitutional liberties, no matter how it affects our fellow Americans, up to and including death.

As we face a global pandemic, President Donald J. Trump has:

  • Questioned the competence of the CDC and directed hospitals to now submit their data to the federal government instead of the CDC
  • Impugned the credibility of top infectious disease experts and incited public distrust of medical science
  • Ignored research finding federal funding sources insufficient to deal with a severe influenza pandemic
  • Eliminated placement of a CDC epidemiologist in China’s disease control agency
  • Insisted on the “global superiority” of US COVID-19 testing despite repeated warnings that the US lacked sufficient testing
  • Claimed to have “shut down” the disease “coming in from China,” despite the fact that it was coming from Europe and escalating
  • Focused on how “good” the stock market was “looking,” while claiming the virus “under control”
  • Contended (as early as February) that we were “very close” to a vaccine and COVID-19 was “just like a flu”
  • Distorted COVID-19 data that revealed the stark deficiencies of the U.S. response to the pandemic
  • Publicized—and bought vast supplies of—hydroxychloroquine, a medication with potentially lethal side effects and no proven value in fighting the Coronavirus
  • Compelled states to compete with one another—and even the federal government—to acquire PPE and other life-saving medical supplies
  • Appropriated PPE supplies from some states for distribution to other states whose governors publicly supported him
  • Falsified the amount of PPE going to the states while blaming them for not already having it stockpiled
  • Resisted calls from Congress, physicians, and governors to mobilize industry to produce badly needed resources
  • Insulted reporters who questioned his actions (or inactions)
  • Questioned if masks were “going out the back door” of hospitals
  • Opined that “a lot of people dying” makes things “unpleasant”
  • Suggested injecting disinfectant into the human body and using UV light to quell the virus
  • Falsely claimed that increased cases were simply due to more testing
  • Announced that he had called for slowing “the testing down, please”
  • Refrained from talking about the virus as infections skyrocketed, deaths increased, and his poll numbers were dropping
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