Urgent Request to Support Amendments to S. 2755, A Safe Elections Bill


Early next week the Massachusetts State Senate will be voting on one of the most important pieces of legislation of the year: S. 2755. The bill will help protect the foundation of our democracy: our citizens’ right to vote. Will you tell your Senator to support the legislation – with three critical changes?

Please urge your Senator to support the bill and to vote for these amendments TODAY:

  • Amendment #3, to strengthen the online portal for requesting ballots.
  • Amendment #8, to ensure that all ballots sent before or on Election Day in November to be counted. Some mail does not get postmarked and those ballots should be counted too.
  • Amendment #33, to give voters enough time to request their absentee ballot. Voters must be given until the Friday before Election Day to put in their request.

Your Senator needs to hear from you NOW. The vote is happening on Tuesday and decisions on amendments are being made over the weekend.

Every Bay Stater should have the opportunity to vote from the safety of their own home. This bill, with these amendments, will help ensure that every vote will count and prepare our election infrastructure for a surge in absentee balloting.

Please write your legislator today. And thanks for all you do.  


Pam Wilmot and the Common Cause Massachusetts Team

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